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Entered in the Sulman Prize 2014

       Oil on canvas 175 x 225cm

The Sulman Prize is held simultaneously with the Archibald and Wynne prizes. The tradition persists, in spite of contemporary practice, for dividing genres into portrait, landscape and still life. Why a still life is not a portrait of objects, or a portrait is not a still life with a person in it, is unclear. So, although Vovo is competing the Sulman, it has been painted in the belief that there is no reason why one can't see –


Still life as landscape:

Icy mountains and a river of jam on a savannah of fondant.

Indeed, the Australian affection for 'the bush' or 'country' demands it.

Rover Thomas Road to Wyndham to see Paddy Jamintji.



Discontent is commonly expressed about Iced Vovos. When compared to childhood memories, the modern Vovo very disappointing – they spoilt the recipe when the company was sold. Arnott's, like Golden Circle and Vegemite, is no longer Australian. Poor business equals poor biscuits; the gastronomic gloom is caused by economic gloom.







These three problems – corporate, culinary and cultural – have a simple, three point solution:


                1. Buy back Arnott's. Nationalise the company if necessary.

                2. Restore the culinary integrity of the Iced Vovo.

                3. Redesign the Australian Flag thus:

Rose ermined argent, a bar purpure, within a bordure or.

Australia can be the only nation in the world whose flag is both still life and landscape.

Food and art can lead the way to revitalising national pride and prosperity.



'Artmaking is making the invisible, visible.' Marcel Duchamp

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